Sitaka / Tellem


Anna Sitnikowa aka Sitaka is an illustrator and graphic designer. Anna studied Visual Conception at the Higher School of Graphic Arts and Architecture in Paris and currently she is working as a freelancing artist.  
In the meantime, Anna is doing a number of personal editorial projects in collaboration with other artists. Also, she does some commercial jobs in graphic design and illustration.

Artist statement

My creative personality was formed by two artistic mutually reinforcing educations which I got in totally different cultural environments of Russia and France. Initially seen as a hobby, illustration became my main activity. I soon adopted it as a career along with graphic design; the two worked well together. I started taking Illustration more seriously in 2013 during my work for the Glenview Records’s vynil music label. My task was to create illustrations for covers of all new  label’s releases retaining its common visual image. I listened to the music, got inspired and drew my story. It’s highly important for me to create with hands and feel the material. Principally I make pencil drawings on a paper and watercolor illustrations. Considering all the above, the intentions during the work are completely different. I do not mix techniques and prefer to confine myself to one material only. While working on pencil drawings I get immersed into details and create smooth volume with no visible strokes. Stylistic illustrations are quite realistic, with shades of surrealism and symbolism. My works display perceptions of space and scenes that happen within their limits. This is the reason why the images are partially static and almost photographic. A person is behind the scene in the role of observer. In my illustrations, like in photos, I’m trying to revive memories by using my own filters and color layout.

Photo by Damien Thiberge

July 2014 – #tag, personal exhibition
Espace Quinzequinze, 56 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris, France

Sep. 2013 – DEEP, in collaboration with Claire Malary
Espace Smaaks, 10 avenue de Corbera, 75012 Paris, France

Artist Residencies
January to March 2015 – The Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

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