Branding, Vinyl & CD artworks

Glenview Records is Chicago based label family which includes Glenview Originals, Glenview Edits and Beats Delivery imprint. I made a logo design for Glenview Records and Sub Labels (Originals and Edits) and a part of visual identity such as business cards, generic sleeve, A & B sides’ labels design, Turntable Slipmats and promotion stickers.

Concerning the typographical development part of these logotypes, I was inspired by 50’s American style which is specific for official letters, that were made by the typewriter. The label’s name comes from a well-known village’s name of Illinois. So for the pictorial part, I opted for a representation of the One-storied America. This architectural singularity was represented in Edward Hopper’s painting that really influenced me. The wooden house appears on all three logotypes. The compact and round form allows placing it easily on the vinyl’s faces where they are mainly used.

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