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The main part of the project was carried out in spring 2011, during my studies at the Higher School of Graphic Arts and Architecture. The series of works were made on the computer in Photoshop. I combined my own water-colours of abstract forms and my photos of skies. In summer 2013, I followed my internal call and returned to the project in the framework of the DEEP group exhibition. At that time I decided to use another approach. It was the first time in my life that I have chosen an absolutely new for me and very complex technique of oil painting.

Eternity (Éternité Et). Oil on paper,  18.11x 23.23 in (46 x 59 cm)

Trust (Confiance Cf). Oil on paper, 18.11x 23.23 in (46 x 59 cm)

  • Date: August 2013
  • Client: Personal work
  • Filed under: Painting

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